The combination of beans and roast lends a coffee its unique flavor. Beans from different growing regions have different characteristics. For example, Sumatran coffees tend to taste earthier while Central American coffees have a brighter taster.


The length of roasting time determines the color and contributes to the flavor of your coffee. the darker roasts provide you with a more intense flavor experience., whole the lighter roasts offer more of a palate-cleansing crispness.

Any bean can be roasted any color, but it takes a skilled roaster to determine which roast brings out the best flavor of each type of bean.

100 Colombian
Medium Body, Mild Finish, a Great Cup ‘O’ Joe
101 Costa Rican
Chocolate Finish, More Robust & Aromatic
102 Mexican Altura
Spicy, Cinnamon Finish, Medium Body
103 Peruvian
Medium Body, Nutty Finish, Light yet Rich. Versatile in All Roasts
104 Guatemalan
Chocolaty, Rich & Hearty. Great in Full City & French Roasts
105 El Salvadoran
Very Like Her Guatemalan Sister with a Slightly Cinnamon Finish
106 Nicaraguan
More “wine-y” than the Guatemalan & Exceptional in Dark Roasts
107 Papua New Guinea
Robust, Dry & Aromatic—Great in Full City Roast
109 Sumatran
Sweet Aroma, Slightly Dry yet Robust, Kona Realm
112 Brazilian
Cinnamon-like finish,Slightly Dry, Medium Body. Complex
110 Ethiopian
(Sidamo, Harrar or Yirgacheffe regions)
Dry Without Acidic Body. Like a White Bordeaux Wine.  Makes a Great French Roast and Espresso.

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