Types of Coffee Grinders – Learn The Pros And Cons Of Each

What makes a cup of coffee taste so good and what makes it simply satisfactory?  Coffee is all about the beans.  You can have the best coffee maker in the market but if the beans were not properly ground, then you would end up being awfully disappointed with your cup of coffee.  That is why it is important for you to know the pros and cons of different types of coffee grinders.  That way, you would know which one fits your taste and your lifestyle the best.


The most commonly used coffee grinder is the blade type.  It is easy to clean, simple to use and less expensive than other types of coffee grinders.  Simply put, it is better to have this type of coffee grinder than to buy already ground coffee beans.  This way, the beans are still fresh for when you brew it.  If you are working on a tight budget, this type of coffee grinder would do.  A word of caution though, if you own an espresso maker, then the blade coffee beans grinder would not do.  You have to invest in a burr type of coffee grinder.

More expensive than the blade grinder, the burr grinder can be used for both home and commercial use.  It has 2 wheels that grind the beans into consistent particles to make sure that your morning cup abides by your standards.  In addition it does not produce excessive heat due to friction so your coffee will not end up being more bitter than you want it to be.  Depending on the brand that you buy, burr grinders are relatively easy to clean and use.


However if you are quite a coffee connoisseur, then you would not settle for anything less than a conical burr grinder.  Considered the best among the 3 types of grinders, it is quite an investment monetarily speaking but one sip of your morning cup would convince you that it is very much worth it.  It rotates slower than the other 2 types of coffee grinders, making the least amount of frictional heat so that the quality of the coffee beans would not be compromised.

Even the consistency by which the beans are ground are equal, making the conical burr grinder perfect for French press, espresso, percolate and yes, even Turkish coffee.  Depending on the model and brand you choose to buy, this type of coffee grinder enables the user to choose from several grinding options.  So if you want the beans to be finely ground, you can do that with just a press of a button.  If you want it rather large, that can be done as well.

If Turkish coffee is your favorite type, there are coffee bean grinders that are made just for it.  These grinders crush the beans until it is so fine and powdery.  However, unlike the conical burr that can perform the same actions, Turkish coffee grinders are not versatile and can be used only for that particular type of coffee.

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