Coffee Grinder Features To Look For

Are you a coffee drinker?  If so, then you would be able to tell the difference between a well brewed coffee and one that is done badly.  In addition, you would also know that the quality of the coffee beans can “make or break” your coffee. It all comes down to the coffee grinder features that affects the quality of the grind.

Good quality coffee beans that are ground perfectly would translate to a perfect cup with a robust taste and an aromatic smell.  On the other hand coffee beans of low quality that are not ground in a manner that is just right translate to a hardly satisfying cup of coffee.  That being said let us talk about the important coffee grinder features that must never be compromised.  After all, your morning cup of coffee is a tinge of luxury and relaxation to the stresses of everyday life.

It is normal for coffee grinders to produce frictional heat.  After all, it rotates and grinds the beans as it touches and crushes them with every rotation.  However, if you are to invest in a good coffee grinder, make sure that it is one that produces as little frictional heat as possible.  The reason behind this is that too much heat can burn the particles and the natural oils of coffee making it way too bitter than it should actually be.

Yes, some types of coffee are naturally strong however if the strong flavor is due to burning, the tongue would be able to tell and your taste buds would not like it at all.  Conical burr grinders are said to produce less frictional heat than its blade counterpart.   This is due to the fact that its rotation is slower and freer.

One of the most important coffee grinder features to look for is grind consistency.  That means that the more even the coffee bean is ground, the better your coffee would taste.  That is precisely why conical burr grinders are superior to blade grinders.

Blade grinders would just crush the beans in any way and in any manner without taking consistency into account.  With burr grinders, you can even choose how big or small you want the beans to be.  Consistency is never a problem and because of that, you can be assured that the filters will never clog and your morning cup of coffee would be simply amazing in terms of taste and even the smell.   Burr grinders are also the only ones that can work with espresso machines basically because of how well it grinds coffee.

Hence, it is safe to conclude that even though burr grinders are more expensive than blade grinders, they are very much worth every penny.  The small amount of frictional heat that they produce along with the consistency in which they grind the coffee beans assure you of good quality coffee every morning.  The robust taste and the aromatic smell is more than enough to act as a “pick me up” in the morning or any time during the day for that matter.

Coffee lovers can set apart good coffee from the bad. With a burr grinder, there is no such thing as a bad cup of coffee.

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