Here at Catskill Mountain Coffee, we custom roast for every single person, whether it’s an individual mail order or a large wholesale order. Many coffee houses and suppliers do a couple of organic blends, but we’re exclusive at it. Coffee is produce and we really try to keep it fresh by roasting and grinding for the needs of each customer.

At Catskill Mountain Coffee we focus not only on fresh quality products, roasted twice a week, but we are also environmentally and socially aware. Being an organic coffee roaster has as much to do with the craft of roasting and blending coffees as it does with the earth and the coffee farmers. We are part of a socially and environmentally progressive trade network where each person, from farmer to consumer, is part of socially-just and environmentally-responsible trade.

About Coffee

Roasting is one of the few remaining romantic, old style crafts. Our skilled roasters rely on their trained senses to unlock the potential hidden deep within each coffee bean. They listen for the crack, watch the colors develop, and smell the aroma. And to ensure the freshest coffee possible, our team roasts in small batches and packages right after roasting.


Coffee Education

Need to know something about our coffee? You can refer to the educational guides below to help you through some of the terminology you’ll run into. If you have any questions please contact us Continue Reading “About Coffee”

Why Organic Coffee?

Why Organic Coffee?

Organic Coffees are sweeter tasting and have less caffeine. But “organicness” is not just a taste, it is a process. Organic farming not only helps replenish and rebuild out world’s topsoil, but also protects human and animal health.


What does Organic means?

It means the coffee is grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. But organic coffee goes beyond that. It means the the coffee is grown using methods. Continue Reading “Why Organic Coffee?”


We use Organic Swiss-water Processing for all our decaf coffees. In the Swiss method, so called because a Swiss firm developed the system, green beans are soaked in very hot water for several hours and the caffeine is removed by filtering the bean-soaked water through activated charcoal. The beans are returned to the water where they reabsorb the natural flavor without using any chemicals. All the taste without the caffeine.

Social Action Blends

Our Social Action Blends are a very special, with the purchase of these blends you not only recieve some of the best organic coffee available but you also help a worthy cause.  The profits of each of these blends will be donated to a selected cause per blend.

We are currently working on some new blends and we’ll be adding them shortly.

The Flavors

All of our flavored coffees are made from the finest beans, marinated with all-natural ingredients and low heat roasted to insure the perfect balance of coffee & flavor. All of our flavored coffees are also available in Decaf. Please be aware, if you enjoy flavored coffees, make sure you store them in separate containers. Otherwise, a pound of Peruvian stored with a pound of Mud Pie may become two pounds of Mud Pie!